Do You Wake Up Every Night at The Exact Same Time? This Is What It Actually Means!

Have you been waking up in the exact same time every night? Maybe even doing the exact same things over and over every night?  There actually is a pattern why this is happening.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this means that a specific organ or a whole system of organs is dysfunctional.  That means your natural bio-rhythm is disbalanced.

So, what do the times of our waking up really mean? They are actually medically known by the name of “circadian rhythms”. they are the internal organism changes of what happens and changes in our external environment.

Science has just recently started to explore the relation between disrupting the natural bio-rhythms and the development of specific illness.

Waking up between 10 pm and 11 pm – hormonal disbalance and metabolism

If you have trouble to fall asleep, it is a sign you are stressed. Also, according to the ancient Chinese medicine,

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When You Blow on Thumb, Here’s The Effect It Can Happen With Your Body !

Science lately has been able to prove that the body is able to miraculously heal itself. It is quite a complex and sophisticated self-caring system, which can surprise even the doctors.

The ancient ayurvedic and Chinese techniques have always believed that certain parts of the body and their stimulating can help with reducing the pain in certain body parts.

Also, it can be benefitting for stress relief and other unpleasant feelings. Stimulating certain parts of the body can help various health issues, such as fatigue, strass and pain.

Here are some quite interesting and almost “abnormal” tips to practice, who will be so relieving you could never have guessed!

Reduce sore throat

Tea is a soothing and tasty natural remedy that can help sore throat. But, there is another easy way for this! If you feel itchiness in your throat – just scratch your EAR! That’s right! There are muscles

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Ice Cube On Your Neck Can Be An Amazing Health Trick

Are you the type of person who goes to the doctor or directly in the pharmacy for every ache or pain, even if it’s minor?  There’s a saying “With medicine, your pain would heal in a week. Without medicine, in 7 days”.   

Maybe you would like to try curing yourself first, before asking for help. And the best thing is that you could do it without spending money on drugs from the pharmacy!

There is an awesome ancient Chinese technique for improving the health and easing the tension and pain in the different parts of the body. With the single use of an ICE CUBE!

There is a pressure point at the base of the skull, right on the middle of the neck, which according to Chinese medicine is known as “feng fu”. There are different ways which you could use to stimulate this “feng fu” point, such as sticking

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Stop Using Vaseline Immediately!

There’s not a single medicine cabinet that doesn’t contain Vaseline, I’m sure of that. However, this popular product is more harmful than you could ever imagine!

What is Vaseline actually? It is the medical name for what’s actually petroleum jelly. It is actually a byproduct of the oil refining process.

It was discovered in the mid 1800’s, coating at the bottom of oil rings. Having this in mind, is it something that you would want to put directly on your skin? But, it is so widely spread in the cosmetic industry, because it is easily and cheaply found, you would be astonished.

You could read there’s Vaseline in lotions, skin care creams and even baby products. The problem with the heavy petroleum jelly is that it is so heavy, it blocks the breathability of the pores and thus, locks the toxins and bacteria that should go out, inside. But that’s

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Why Do Some Women Have Bigger Breasts And Some Have Smaller Breasts Even At The Same Age?

Since  kindergarten, or even more, since birth, we differ between each other very much. The hair and skin color, but also, the weight and size, though we are all at the same age. Even more, some twins are different in weight and size when they’re still children!

So, what makes these differences? Later on, in puberty, we kind of “compete” among each other about the feminine and masculine characteristics… like who has bigger breasts, which guy has more muscles etc. this is all due to many factors, but mostly, genetics and the work of the hormone glands.

Here are some factors that mostly affect the changes in the body differently, in the same age:

The family history

Your genes are more likely to predict your breast baseline, but not your size as well. “Women often are born with their breast size, but it can change in their lifetime,”  states Nazanin

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Why Do We Have So Many Lines On Our Palms?

Has it ever occurred to you to ask yourself about certain parts of your body, such as why do we have nails, why do we have lines on our palms, while the skin on the surface is smooth?

The biological term for the lines on the inside of our palms is palmar flexion creases. Their actual function is to help the hand in the movements, such as squeezing, stretching, folding etc. These lines actually protect the skin from breaking and allow it to be more flexible and elastic at the same time.

We are born with the lines on our palms – they don’t just make themselves after we start grabbing onto something.

Aside from their primary function, they can tell about certain medical disorders, such as lack of nutrients, allergies, anemia, eczema etc.

So, the reason the palms are filled with bigger and smaller lines is to help the

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Farting In Front Of A Partner Leads To A Stronger And Healthier Relationship

Relationships are all about milestones. Checking your partner’s phone, getting to know his parents, being exclusive…

But, did you know that, according to a study, the “nastiest habit” is the one that actually will deepen your connection the most? It’s FARTING.

If you are spending a lot of time with your partner or maybe even sleeping over a couple of times, you definitely felt the need to “let one rip”. However, holding in your gasses may be very bad for your health and gut, and you might feel excruciating.

The study claims that “Once couples get over the initial embarrassment of farting in front of a new partner, it seems to open up a whole new period of openness, honesty and trust”.

 The couples who get over this phase that could be described as a huge part of one’s intimate and personal space, are entering the next and deeper

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Unavoidable Cervical Cancer Signs

Cervical cancer is the cancer that affects the “neck” of the womb. This is a very important part of the reproductive organ, because it connects the womb to the honey pot.

Cervical cancer signs are very hard to detect, because of the menstrual cramps and usual abdominal pain, especially women feel. However, if you notice some of these signs, contact your doctor for a further checkup.

Heavier and longer menstrual periods

Any bigger changes in the menstrual flow, especially if you’re not in the age close to your menopause, can be a sign of T2, which is actually the next stage of cervical cancer. In this T2 phase, the cancerogenic cells spread into the “lady’s pot”.

Bleeding between your periods

Whether is heavy bleeding or just blood spots between your period, it is irregular menstrual period. You should investigate these symptoms further with your gynecologist. In most of the cases,

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9 Common Underwear Mistakes Women Make, And How to Avoid Them

Buying underwear and finding the right bra takes time. And you’re always in that dilemma between comfort and pretty. What should you decide when buying underwear?

Here are the most common mistakes every woman does when she is buying underwear, whether it is panties or bras.

1. Underwear that suits the shape of your body

Let’s be honest, you’ve already realized which type of underwear is just not right for you, and though you want to wear it – it’s better not to. Why make something beautiful – no so beautiful? A pear body shape should wear lace shorts, while curved women should wear high-rise underwear.

2. Fabric of the underwear

Never wear lacy underwear with tight cotton or lycra materials. Also, never wear them with silk as well. it will create a creating roughness and destroy the smooth and elegant look you’re aiming for.

3. The bra size


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10 Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

The thrill of a new relationship is always intriguing and exciting. You’re entering a new level, meeting someone new and all those things who already past and were long forgotten with your ex, are now “firsts”. First things, first kisses, first fight, first weekend together etc.

Do you think this is the real deal for sure? Don’t you want to know if this relationship is going to last? Here are some of the early signs that your partner is not the right person and he/she’s going to left you heartbroken again.

You’re tolerating bad behavior from the start

It’s easy to put aside many things your partner is doing very wrong, just because at the beginning you’re still blinded by the passion of the new relationship.

Your partner’s always late, your partner cancels your plans in the last and worse moment, your partner’s not dedicated to you when you’re out…

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