This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About Your Health!

The butt serves a lot larger purpose than just looking good in a pair of jeans because without the gluteal muscles (maximus, medius, minimus) we wouldn’t be able to walk or even stand. The rear end of humans is a great example of evolutionary perfection. But you probably didn’t know that your butt shape can reveal a lot about your health.

They come in all sizes and different shapes, and some people decided to get a little philosophical and they came to a conclusion that your butt shape is related to your overall health.If you are not sure about what your butt shape just takes a look at the mirror and have a good look.A person’s overall distribution of body fat is often a good indicator of health, but fat is not distributed equally. If you have some extra fat in your butt it can be a sign of good …

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This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About Your Health!

The Magic of Putting Garlic Under The Pillow

If you think that this trick is just to scare the night creatures and vampires away, then no. At least, not speaking from a scientific and proven point of view.

However, garlic is one of the healthiest eatable vegetable known to humanity.

It can even cure insomnia!

A research showed that almost 40 million people in the States suffer from insomnia and long-term sleeping issues. Sleeping pills is something so common that every family has.  But, we all know the dangers of overdosing or getting addicted to them.

The allicin, the active compound of garlic is responsible for it’s wide use in natural remedies against flu, balancing blood pressure and keeping your whole body free from toxins.

This compound is also the cause of garlic’s antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

But, did you know that it can also make you sleep better at night? The trick is just to put

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Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

A person’s palms and hands are as wise as their eyes – they show off their personality and intentions. However, palmistry is forgotten or called a pseudo -science, because of its wrong interpretation in movies and cartoons lately.

However, firstly you can try this trick on yourself and your closest people, and see if it’s true.

Put your palms together and spread them, just like you do when you’re washing your face. Now, put some close attention to the lines carved onto your palms. Ask your partner to do the same.

If the lines are at the same level.

That means your partner has some serious intentions about you and where your life and relationship is going together. It also means that he/she is a rational person and probably won’t like too much excitement and adventures in your life together. You are at peace with a partner like this.


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Brilliant Clothing Hacks For Your Worse Clothing Scenarios

Women and clothing are so connected, clothes are probably invented historically just for them!

And for things to look even more complicated and hard to understand, many clothing styles invented are so much out of the reasonable borders of comfort and casualty. These things actually bother women even more, but still want to wear them so badly!

So, here are some amazingly usable everyday clothing tricks for the worse clothing nightmares in your life.

Some shoes are bought just for special occasions and afterwards, though you want to wear them again, they just aren’t made for everyday life and casual going out. Solve this problem with a simple trick

Put a different material over them and make them good suitable for casual get-togethers

You never know where you put your black tank top? Plus, there is never a way to properly fold them. Just solve this with a towel hook

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10 Tricks Women Can Use to Instantly Solve the Most Awkward Situations

Are you one of those women who like to be spotless and look careless at the same time?

If you don’t have a place for panic while everyday situations are in the way between you and t=your carelessness – use these few useful tips.

If you run out of hair spray in the middle of a hair style, just put it under running hot water and it will “squeeze” what’s left of it inside.

After flawlessly finishing your manicure by yourself, your hands are like an art student’s. don’t worry. Just wash them with a regular nail cleanser – but be sure it contains NO acetone.

Forget about sticky skirts – use a deodorant! It’s active compound which prevents sweating, also prevents electro static, which is to blame for your sticky skirts

If you’re wearing make up in the middle of a very hot summer day, your T zone and

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Early Signs of Cancer

Every cancer is painful and hard to detect. However, when speaking about the an*l can*l, spotting that something’s wrong maybe somehow easier than noticing that something inside your abdomen is wrong.

The riskiest thing that could get you closer to getting an*l cancer is risk sexual intercourse. That’s why you should always wear a condom before your partner earns your 100% trust.

Here are some signs that might suggest you’re in an early stage of an*l cancer.

Odd pain in the an*s – if you feel discomfort while sitting and some spiking needles pain, then it might be an early indication of an*l cancer.

Itchiness near the an*s

Itchiness in and around the an*s hole is not something very unusual and alarming. However, if you have this too, along with some of these other symptoms, then it’s time to see your doctor.

an*l discharge

The main task of the an*s

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Bad Shower Habits For Your Health

A shower is so much more than just a way to clean ourselves. A shower is a morning wake up call, a natural stress relief, an aroma therapy, a bed time story…

However, the skin is the biggest organ in our body. And skin is directly affected by the shower. And through skin many other things can directly affect other organs and metabolitical processes.

Here are some things to think about the next time you take a shower.

Take contrasted showers – once you’re done with the whole shower process, turn on the shower to its fullest. This way, the full shower pressure will directly influence your body pressure, making it even out.

Bathing every single day

The skin creates a surface layer needed for our body to protest itself from outer bacteria and other influences, such as the UV rays. Washing off that layer on a daily bases with

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The Right Way To Change a Sanitary Pad

There is a right and wrong way of using every product. There is a right way of using and changing a sanitary pad as well.

It doesn’t matter which age you are – reading this can be really helpful, because you never know when is the time to learn something new. We learn all our life, right?

First of all, the little nylon bag in which the pad is very nicely packed, isn’t there just for making the pads fancy.

It’s there to keep the pad untouched, the scent of the pad fresh, but most of all – it’s a trash bag for the pad you’re throwing to put a new pad! Amazing right? I bet many of you didn’t know this fact.

The old, used pad is taken off your panties by grabbing the clean edge, or simply – the wings if your pad has them. Then, you just

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Early Cancer Signs Everyone Ignores

The human body always sends signals…too bad our consciousness rarely recognizes them. So many things could change if we learn to live synchronized between our body signals and our mind, because the inner body language is something that never lies. We just need to “open our ears”.

Or, to be more exact, our fifth sense in this case.

Here are the most common early cancer signs not only you, but almost 90% of humanity ignores.

Persistent cough

A cough that “never goes away” is not something that’s normal to live with. If you notice this, together with having a loss or decreased appetite, shortness of breath, sudden weight loss    it might be a sign that a lung cancer is developing somewhere in your body…

Skin neoplasms

Skin differences happen on a daily bases, and most of the time, we tend to ignore them and go during the day, after

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Bedtime Habits Only Happy Couples Do

Relationships need investment. Not only to build, but to last as well.

Don’t you feel that you’re in a constant rush and anxiety in this modern world? You’re connected on the Internet 24/7, but are you truly connected to your partner 24/7 as well?

The last thing and the first thing you do in the day, should be a sign of devotion to your partner, if you want a long -lasting relationship.

Here are some advices to achieve that, or to bring it back, if you lost it somewhere on the road.

Forget about work and problems at the office

It’s normal to discuss work and annoying colleagues and bosses, but you have to know when to stop. And checking the e-mail from work can definitely wait until the morning coffee!

Go to bed at the same time

This shows that you or your partner respect each other’s tiredness and

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